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The first of Spurgeon’s sermons to be published was one preached at New Park Street Chapel on August 20, 1854: “Is it not wheat harvest today?” This sermon sold well [in the Penny Pulpit] and others were published both in that series and in the Baptist Messenger. Joseph Passmore, a member of New Park Street Chapel, with whom Spurgeon formed a friendship the first day he preached in London, suggested that his publishing firm undertake the weekly publication of Spurgeon’s sermons. The first to be published was that of January 7, 1855 and his sermons were published weekly not only through the rest of his ministry, but many years beyond his death. As Spurgeon did not write out his sermons, but rather preached from very brief notes, there was a need for a professional shorthand writer’s to take down the sermon as preached if anything was to be published. This was done, through most of his ministry not only for the Sunday morning sermons, but for those he preached both Sunday and Thursday evenings as well. In order to accomplish this weekly publication, the ‘reporter’ who had taken down the sermon transcribed it into manuscript form and the result (usually some 40 to 50 pages) was delivered to Spurgeon the same day. (For a detailed description of this process see C. H. Spurgeons Autobiography Vol. 2 A Full Harvest, pages 318-324).

Ordinarily this was his first work on Monday morning. This was no mere correction of minor detail, but involved extensive amendment. Thus not only words are replaced, but sentences, paragraphs and even pages. His wife characterizes it as “always a labour of love, yet…a labour….” The weekly sermon had to be ready in the hands of his publishers and printed by Thursday morning and he was not willing that it should represent anything less than his best [“up to the highest mark”, as his wife phrases it]. The task was greater if he had to lengthen or reduce it, as each sermon had to fill 12 pages. When the revisions were completed (usually the sermons went, by messenger, to Passmore & Alabaster in 2 or even 3 segments), galleys were produced and returned for further correction.. This process was repeated weekly through Spurgeon’s ministry. We are offering authentic sermon pages corrected and amended by Spurgeon’s hand. They do not include any frame or mat, as this is left to your personal preference. In recent years, these individual pages have sold for up to $1000 in the past on the internet.

Package Content:

ONE sermon manuscript page AMENDED BY MR. SPURGEON, ONE Certificate of Validation and Authenticity from Spurgeon’s College, ONE printed page with sermon title, text, portion of sermon printed out ONE picture of Spurgeon (Frames VERY nicely, but no frame included)


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